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Johor property market

5 Things You Should Know Before Renting A House In Johor

Do you consider that renting out a house is a lot less demanding than buying? Does finding a house for rent in Johor, a common hassle for an expat? In any case, there exist a few essential aspects that beginners should be prepared for prior to hunting houses for rent in Johor. Continue reading “5 Things You Should Know Before Renting A House In Johor” »

Deluxe Double & Beachfront Deluxe Double Villas

Contemporary design elements combine with the one-of-a-kind interior and exterior furnishings to create a uniquely elegant yet funky ambiance, BaanThai is presenting this magnificent property. Each spacious bungalow comprises 75 m2 (including a large 25 m2 balcony), with large bay windows, and is decorated with unusual furnishings handcrafted from indigenous Koh Samui materials. Continue reading “Deluxe Double & Beachfront Deluxe Double Villas” »

Phuket property

Investing Opportunities In Phuket Property Market

The wealthiest province in Thailand is Phuket, and it is a great place to investment. In fact, throughout the years the values of properties in Phuket have remained strong, and this is even in the aftermath of the tsunami. There are are also environmentally friendly planning laws and restrictions in regards to height, which means property values in Phuket will likely remain strong.

Unlike other areas of the country, there are key benefits of investing in property in Phuket. For example, the building industry is international in nature. Continue reading “Investing Opportunities In Phuket Property Market” »